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Companies who dispose of more than 500kg of redundant IT equipment now have a legal obligation to ensure the equipment is disposed of correctly in line with the current WEEE Directive. This process can be expensive, time consuming and if performed incorrectly can lead to large penalties. The equipment may also contain sensitive data which must be removed before disposal.

eco IT are dedicated in taking the hassle away from computer recycling and disposal and may offer a FREE collection, processing and data erasure service, we also provide all the correct environmental paperwork which is required to ensure your company has disposed of the equipment correctly.
Data security is a major concern for companies who dispose of their redundant IT equipment, once we receive data bearing machines all security markings and asset numbers are removed. Storage media is then data erased using the CESG approved 'British HMG IS5 Enhanced' erasure method, drives that do not pass this 3 Level overwrite method are physically destroyed to ensure that all data is permanently removed and is non-retrievable. A certificate of erasure will be provided for each harddrive that is erased complete with HDD serial number and verification of erasure.
The complete IT disposal process takes an average of 7-21 days from collection to completion depending on the amount and nature of the equipment collected. eco IT will book in all the equipment onto our bespoke asset management system and assign each individual item a unique barcode (with the exception of small items such as keyboard and mice etc). All data bearing media will be erased or destroyed and the equipment will then be assessed as to whether it is fit for resale or disposal. Once complete, a detailed asset report along with all completed environmental documentation and data erasure certificates will be emailed to you and the process is complete.
Upon collection of any IT equipment a representative will issue the correct Duty of Care and Hazardous Waste consignment notes. Once the waste is received at our Manchester processing facility all equipment will be processed and data erased. Upon completion a detailed asset report will be issued by email containing information for each individual item of equipment including; specification, serial numbers, unique eco IT barcode, customer asset references, if the harddrive(s) was data erased or destroyed and whether the equipment was fit for resale or recycle. eco IT will also provide completed environmental documentation and a data erasure certificate will be issued for each harddrive that was erased.