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The WEEE Directive and the Data Protection Act are two important pieces of legislation for companies trading in the UK. Failure to comply with either can result in heavy penalties and bad publicity potentially smearing the company brand in the process.

Choosing the wrong IT recycling company or disposing IT equipment yourself can be a costly and time consuming mistake, this is where we can help.

WEEE Directive

eco IT operates above and beyond the scope of the WEEE Directive, with a zero to landfill policy. We strive to reduce the amount of WEEE reaching landfill by offering a FREE IT recycling service to the majority of our customers. All collections include the correct Duty of Care Waste Transfer and Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes. All equipment is processed with reuse and resale and mind, equipment that is considered Beyond Economical Repair is recycled using BATRRT (Best Available Treatment Recovery and Recycling Techniques).

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Data Protection Act

The Data Protection Act's scope is vast and covers a broad range of data security related topics. The data protection act of 1998 includes specific provisions for all electronic computer data, giving a legal responsibility to companies that store personal data. Companies that store this data are responsible for the correct and secure destruction of this data to prevent it becoming available to unauthorised persons and the public domain. eco IT provides a secure data cleansing service, removing all data from storage media permanently.

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