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Once the equipment has arrived at our facility each item of equipment (excluding minor peripherals e.g. keyboard and mice) are given a unique eco IT barcode and booked into our asset management system. The equipment is then segregated by type such as desktops, laptops, servers, monitors and printers with all other equipment classified as general equipment.

All equipment containing data are processed separately, the storage devices are promptly data erased or destroyed and a certificate of erasure is issued for each hard drive that is erased. All equipment is then graded visually and determined whether it is fit for resale or to be forwarded for recycling.

Equipment that is fit for resale will be thoroughly checked and a detailed specification will be input into the management system to be included in the asset report. The complete process is carried out at our Manchester processing facility and all equipment that is not fit for resale is forwarded to an approved recycling partner for destruction and harvesting of raw materials. A detailed asset report is issued on completion containing a description of all the processed equipment, data erasure certificates and completed environmental documentation.