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Welcome to ecoitonline, if you continue to browse and use this website's services you are agreeing to comply with the following terms and conditions of use. eco IT, 'we', 'us', 'our' refer to eco IT, 'you' refers to the customer and viewer of the website..

The content of the website is subject to change without notice and all information was correct at the time of publishing. The website cannot be copied or reproduced without prior consent from eco IT which includes: content, design, layout and trademarked images. All personal information gathered through our online forms are not stored on our website and are not passed onto any third parties.

Cashback Scheme

1) All quotations will be paid in full only if the item is as described, any faults not described will reduce our original quotation.

2) All payments will be issued by cheque which will be mailed to the supplied address upon completion.

3) We are not responsible for any risk of loss or damage caused during transit and it is your sole responsibility to package and protect the item correctly. All insurance claims are subject to the couriers own terms and conditions.

4) By agreeing to the terms and conditions you are certifying that you are the legal owner of the item that you send. You are also agreeing that all data stored on the equipment has been backed up prior to dispatch as data is non-retrievable on receipt at our processing facility.

5) All quotations are subject to inspection upon receipt of the equipment at our facility, they are not binding until we can confirm that the equipment is as described. We reserve the right to cancel or refuse an offer if the equipment condition significantly differs from the original description. All equipment which is returned to the customer due to the above reasons may be invoiced for collection charges. You will have 21 days to accept or reject all alterations to the quotation due to faults which were not previously described, if no correspondence is received we will return the equipment back to you at your expense.

6) Quotations are evaluated based on a number of factors such as the manufacturer, model, wear and tear, usability and age of the equipment.

7) All data must be backed up prior to sending the equipment to us, our processing service includes data sanitation and the data is non-retrievable. We are not to be held liable for any damage or loss suffered to you from your failure to remove information prior to resale or disposal.

8) Should we agree to purchase your equipment upon inspection you are transferring the legal ownership of your property to eco IT. The equipment you send (including all software and peripherals) may not be stolen or counterfeit. You agree to not hold us liable for any and all loss of any nature, including fees, costs, judgments, liens and fees, arising from any threatened or actual legal action should you violate any of the terms and conditions of this agreement