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Data protection is essential and is a major concern for customers when dealing with data bearing redundant IT equipment. The 1998 Data Protection Act makes it a legal requirement to ensure appropriate measures are taken to prevent unauthorised access, alteration, accidental loss or destruction of personal data. Failure to adhere to the act can lead to prosecution with unlimited fines.

To ensure that all data stored is permanently erased without physically destroying the hard drive we overwrite the data multiple times across the entire surface of the hard drive. This must be performed using a recognised overwriting standard such as the American Military standard DOD 5220.22-M or Infosec Enhanced Standard 5. The drive is overwritten a minimum of 3 times and on request 7 times for servers of which contain highly sensitive data for a piece of mind. All hard drives that are erased are issued a certificate of erasure which is provided with the asset report on completion.

In the event that overwriting is not an option or fails to pass verification, the hard drive is then physically removed and destroyed to ensure no data can be retrieved at a later date. All company security marks and asset references are also removed prior to resale.