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With the introduction of the WEEE Directive in 2007 many IT disposal companies were established to take advantage of the new legislation. Whilst many are genuine recycling facilities there are a minority that do not offer a legitimate service leaving you liable.

Do You Have The Correct Environmental Licenses?

In order to transport and process WEEE it is a legal requirement to hold the correct licenses. You must ask any IT recycling company for a Waste Carrier's License, this is mandatory and is required to remove any WEEE from your premises regardless of the waste's destination.

The second license can be rather complicated and depends on how the IT recycling company will process the removed WEEE. The Environment Agency have reviewed this issue recently and produced a specific license for IT and WEEE processing facilities. eco IT holds a T11 Exemption license which allows the removal and treatment of IT equipment.

Can You Provide Sample WEEE Documentation?

Waste consignment notes are a further legal requirement before any WEEE can be removed from your premises. A Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note and a Hazardous Waste Consignment Note must be issued on the day of collection.

Ask your potential computer disposal company for sample documentation before you book any collection, if that cannot provide any samples we strongly suggest you look elsewhere.

What Will Happen To My Old IT Equipment?

All collected equipment will be processed according to BATRRT - Best Available Treatment, Recovery and Recycling Techniques. Not all computer disposal companies will issue an asset report after they have processed all the collected equipment, though not a legal requirement a respectable IT recycling company should be able to provide a report as standard. eco IT provide a detailed asset report for all collections regardless of quantity, this is emailed to you upon completion. The asset report contains information such as:

  • Collection summary including additional comments and requirements
  • Make and model of each item
  • Detailed specification dependant on the item type
  • Unique eco IT barcode
  • Customer asset reference (if applicable)
  • Equipment serial number
  • Condition (Grade)
  • Reuse or Recycle confirmation
  • Data erasure certificate for each erased hard drive
  • Completed environmental documentation.
Can You Provide A Sample Data Erase Certificate?

Any company in the UK understands the importance of erasing or destroying data correctly and securely. eco IT provides a secure data erasing service as standard with all our collections. The first priority when your WEEE arrives at our Manchester IT recycling faciilty is the segregation and erasure off all data-bearing equipment. We operate a strict data destruction policy on storage media that fail the data erasing procedure to ensure data cannot be retrieved from the device.

We Use Our Own Vehicles And Drivers

eco IT does not use a 3rd party waste carrier to collect or transport your WEEE. We understand that your equipment which may contain highly sensitive data are at their most vulnerable during transportation. We use our own marked vehicles and trained, uniformed staff to collect your waste at a time and date that suits you.