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You can use our WEEE for cash form to turn your old and unwanted electrical equipment into cash.
Laptop And Desktop For Cash Form

Laptop for CashDo you have any old or broken laptops, desktops or games consoles and want to turn them into cash?

Please fill in the form below and we can provide a personalised quotation within 24 hours. We accept equipment nationwide and postage is FREE, if you have more than one laptop of a different brand or condition please fill out the form for each individual laptop.

How our Laptops for Cash scheme works:
  • A personalised quotation will be emailed to you within 24 hours
  • Securely package your equipment for transit
  • We will book a collection through UPS on a date to your convenience
  • All data is erased and our team will inspect the equipment
  • A cheque will be posted to you within 2-5 working days

Laptop And Desktop For Cash Form

Please fill in the form for a personalised quotation, all quotations are inclusive of postage and data erasure.

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Screen Size:*   16" And Above
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Faulty/Dead/Missing Battery
Faulty/Dead/Missing Power Supply
Switches Off / Blue Screen
Faulty/Lines/Broken Screen
Faulty/Missing Harddrive
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